Live Well.Go Fish

Terry O’Brien liked to fish. He even had a second home on Green Lake in Minnesota that served as a getaway and was great for fishing. Joey Gregg and Dave Henke, members of the JEO Foundation’s Terry O’Brien Committee, decided to honor Terry as a volunteer with the Live Well.Go Fish organization. Joey and Dave worked a shift on the boat in June that assisted residents of South Haven Living Center in Wahoo. They assisted them by helping load and unload the boat, bait the hooks, take the fish off the hooks, drive the boat, and fly the American flag around Lake Wanahoo.

 The Live Well.Go Fish mission brings seniors, youth, veterans, and people with disabilities out of the confines of daily life to enjoy the freedom and therapeutic benefits of boating and fishing with new faces in outdoors places. For more information, you can visit their Facebook page here.

When Joey and Dave volunteered their time, they discussed future needs of volunteering with the organization. Dave Ruder said they can typically find volunteers, but financial contributions were harder to get. Recently, the Terry O’Brien Committee presented a $500 donation to the Live Well.Go Fish staff to help with some of the financial needs.