"To positively impact our communities and members through volunteering, education, and charitable giving."

-JEO Foundation mission statement


What We Do.

Provide support to meaningful causes

The JEO Foundation uses volunteering and charitable giving to support organizations and causes that our members are passionate about.

Connect our members to a network for positive change

Our members are plugged into a network of people that support them in making a larger impact on the causes they care for.

Shine the spotlight on others doing great things

The JEO Foundation wants to recognize other organizations and initiatives that share our passion for doing good and making our communities a better place.


How You Can Support the JEO Foundation.

Donate Financially

Employees of JEO Consulting Group, Inc. have multiple options for donating financially to the JEO Foundation. At this point in time this is not open to the public.

Donate Time

With the JEO Foundation, you have the option to donate time and sweat equity into communities and causes you care about. 

Sustain Your Service

Are you already active in your community or an organization? Great! Let us help you magnify your impact through financial and volunteer support.


Get Involved.

Get started by selecting your preferred method of involvement!



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I would like to volunteer with and donate financially to the JEO Foundation.


Have an event you would like the JEO Foundation to sponsor?

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