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Terry O'Brien, the "O" in JEO.


At the time of JEO’s inception, three men gave their time, energy, and names to something they believed in. Terry O’Brien provided the company with the ‘O’, and his personality laid the framework for how JEO does business.

Terry’s dedication, work ethic, and humility helped to create JEO’s culture of doing good without the need for credit. His servant leadership extended to the Wahoo, Nebraska community that he and his family called home. Having grown up with very little, Terry envisioned a better Wahoo for the people he loved. He made many sacrifices to ensure his vision came to life.

In both engineering and community service, Terry was committed to making the City of Wahoo a better place. Terry’s legacy has provided the JEO Foundation with a blueprint by which to build its character and mission. When community service and charitable giving come from a place of modesty and integrity, we can create a community that Terry would be proud of. 



The Terry O'Brien Fund

In order to preserve and expand Terry O’Brien’s legacy, the JEO Foundation and the O’Brien family have teamed to sponsor the Terry O’Brien Fund


Donations will be used to benefit organizations benefiting Wahoo, Ne.

Our roots are important to us, which is why the Terry O’Brien Fund was created to benefit the city that raised JEO. All donations will be made at the discretion of the Terry O’Brien Committee.

The Fund will continue Terry O'Brien's legacy of service

To keep our memories of Terry O’Brien strong, the fund created in his name will strive to preserve the vision he had for his community. His vision is ours…to make Wahoo, NE a place where you and your family can thrive.