Wahoo's New Outdoor Classroom

With the school year nearing, there is a new addition to Wahoo Elementary School’s outdoor classroom thanks to some members of the JEO Foundation - Terry O’Brien Committee. Back in June, members got together to build a three-tiered wooden “tree-house” platform that children will be able to explore and play on when the school year starts in a couple weeks.

Wahoo Elementary utilizes their outdoor classroom for children to be able to learn and explore nature.The Terry O’Brien Committee always is looking for a project that exemplifies what Terry loved and had heard of the outdoor classroom idea. It couldn’t have been a more perfect fit -- woodworking and the great outdoors. The committee contacted the school on how they could help and were then given options of items the school still had on their wish list for the outdoor classroom.

Members of the committee looked at the specifications, figured out the amount of wood needed, and completed everything except for installing a few boards and laying the mulch down in one day. Thanks to committee members Dave Henke, Deb Machovec, Jeff Serafin, Joey Gregg, Tim Adams, and Troy Johnson for all their hard work in completing this project that will mean a lot for the children and school.

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