The Terry O’Brien Committee’s Year in Review

The Terry O’Brien Committee spent 2017 laying the foundation for the committee’s years to come. The committee is comprised of Jeff Serafin, Tim Adams, Deb Machovec, Dave Henke, Troy Johnston, Joey Gregg, and Tiffany Sedlacek of JEO. The committee also has two special members, Cory O’Brien and Marnie O’Brien (Terry’s children). The committee started meeting in the spring and then met every two months to regroup on ideas, thoughts, and sometimes to simply reminisce about Terry and the memories each had of him. The first few meetings were spent on collecting a vast array of causes Terry was involved in, cared about, or those that embody who Terry was.

Once ideas were collected, the committee sifted through and latched on to a few ideas that everyone agreed would be a great embodiment of Terry and several members stepped in to take the lead. Some things to look forward to in 2018 from the Terry O’Brien committee include:

  • developing a scholarship for Wahoo high school seniors looking to attend a technical/trade school,
  • taking ownership of running a specific ride at the Saunders County Fair in honor of Terry, who was avid in participating at the fair,
  • donating time and materials to build playground equipment that will be used by Wahoo Public School,
  • and many more.

Although it was a slow start to 2017, the Terry O’Brien Committee looks forward to the direction that 2018 is taking them. There are exciting things to come, so stay tuned!