Jan 23, 2017: "JEO Foundation Launch Day"

During the New Year’s festivities, people all across the world made resolutions to improve their lives. Many of these resolutions were personal goals or milestones such as eating healthier or working out more. We focus a lot on these personal goals and yet we often fail to follow through. Given the fact that there was a holiday party this past weekend, we’ll assume that some of you fell off the wagon…and some of you never got on the wagon in the first place. Failure, it seems, might be the easiest option. Not this year though.

The JEO Foundation is your ticket back on the wagon. Through charitable giving and volunteering, your habit for Good can bring about incredible change in the causes you’re passionate about and positively impact the areas where you live and work. Making resolutions can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be.

When you set a goal for yourself it’s admittedly much more difficult if you do it alone. The JEO Foundation recognizes this hurdle, which is why you’ll get to make your habit for Good with a network of people that will work with you to maximize your impact. Supporting meaningful causes and making our communities better, together, is the easiest way to ensure your habit for Good lasts.

So, now that you’re back on the wagon we want to say a few quick things: welcome aboard, find a seat, buckle up, and let your habit for good drive the good you want to see.