The Mission of Our Impact

The JEO Foundation exists to positively impact our communities and members through volunteering, education, and charitable giving. 

Our People. Our Vision.

We owe a lot to the people and places that raised us, so we want to give back. Our aim is to provide our members with meaningful opportunities to support causes, organizations, and communities alike. Our passion knows no borders.



Servant Leadership

We like to lead with purpose, sincerity, and humility. Under the radar as some say. It would be silly to think that we are the only ones doing something good. There are so many incredible initiatives and organizations that are working to better our world. We want to share their stories. 


Our Service Styles

For us work and life don’t balance, they intersect. Whether we focus on our roots in Wahoo, Nebraska or make contributions elsewhere, we always focus on three things: personal development, community betterment, and local education. 



Life Happens. We’re Flexible.

Is your schedule double booked? Have kids? It’s ok, we get it. We want you to join us in doing good, but the level of your involvement is up to you. Invest your time or your capital as much as you want; we’ll always be here.